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4 large high-definition network camera application

2014/1/2 Viewers:

4 large high-definition network camera application

As the most professional high-definition network camera manufacturer, as the dot-com Shenzhen Wei Technology Co., Ltd. , and its high-definition network camera with high definition , stability , intelligence has been unanimously endorsed by domestic and foreign customers , high-definition network camera can be applied to many other areas , the following , Coovision you a brief four kinds of typical applications of high-definition network camera

1 , high-definition network camera in a video conference applications:

HD network cameras and big-screen TVs , video conferencing can be quickly composed to achieve two venues for meetings or conferences held to discuss . And support for 10 -point real-time viewing via IP networks , while playing a video conversation during PPT presentation, or the sound on your computer , video files, data files shared with other icons , easy to build compact video conferencing system.

2 , high-definition network camera on the teaching system applications:

HD network camera with a big screen TV or projector , you can quickly set up network HD video teaching system to support distance learning and training , without increasing the other equipment supported by 10 points over an IP network to watch in real time , via streaming mode to increase more more students through the IP network to watch live video in real time teaching . Whether the school and the students dispersed areas apart , how far between the city , can be used for video , voice, real-time transmission of data over the network , scattered in different parts of the remote classroom learning of students for teaching and training , to maximize teaching of the shared resource.
Can also be achieved through a network of distance learning to observe and the open class , small teacher-student leaders and other school can observe any honest scenes and video over a network to facilitate the entire course to be evaluated.

3 , high-definition network camera security monitoring system on the application :

HD network camera set up high-definition video surveillance system will be analog, digital and SD network monitoring system upgrading equipment products.
As long as there is a network where you can complete the real-time monitoring , and support for multi-point and multi-user simultaneous access , you can achieve all-round , three-dimensional full high-definition video management and monitoring , can be 24-hour monitoring, recording and management, to create a harmonious environment.

4 , high-definition network camera in the other aspects of the application :

HD network camera can be used in the field trial, prison , safe cities.