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    GPRS streetlight monitoring system

    2014/1/1 Viewers:
    I. Overview
    With the development of the times, the pace of change continues to accelerate the modernization of urban road lighting and city lighting engineering requirements are greater, and supply and demand of energy has become increasingly prominent , requiring energy- saving , green lighting more urgent , higher and higher. Now and then using those traditional manual method of clock control urban lighting system can not meet the requirements. How to take advantage of high-tech means to resolve these contradictions will become a new field of lighting control and critical issues . Urban road lighting automation and intelligent management as one of the modern city logo, it brings economic and social benefits are very significant , its promotion and implementation of municipal projects will also be an important part of the construction .

    Automatic lighting control and management system to flexibly on / off lights , keep abreast of operational parameters , to detect a fault , the traditional manual \" patrol light\" system to a \" duty \" system, greatly improve the management efficiency of the lighting system . System can automatically collected data storage, statistics , and can be queried and printed at any time , greatly improve the management level , but also through the whole night light , night lights and intelligent regulator and other means to reduce energy consumption, improve equipment life, get good value for money.

    Two , GPRS transmission scheme advantages
    China Mobile GPRS system provides wide-area wireless IP connection . Built on the company's mobile communications business platform wells GPRS data acquisition and transmission systems , wireless remote monitoring and control of lights has the advantage of full use of the existing network , shorten the construction period , lower construction costs , and easy installation , simple maintenance . After a comparative analysis, we chose China Mobile 's GPRS data communication system as a platform for environmental information collection and transmission system.

    GPRS streetlight monitoring system has the following features:
    1 , high reliability:
    Compared with the SMS text message mode , GPRS DTU communicate using TCP connection-oriented protocol , to avoid the phenomenon of packet loss to ensure reliable data transmission . Data centers can be monitored simultaneously with more than one point , without disturbing each other . GPRS network itself has a perfect frequency division multiplexing system , and has a strong anti-jamming performance , completely avoid the traditional multi-machine band digital radio 's \"Collision \" phenomenon.
    2 , real-time :
    GPRS real-time online features, small data transmission delay, and supports multi-point simultaneous transmission , so the monitoring center can quickly and in real-time two-way communication , good to meet system for real-time data acquisition and transmission among multiple control points requirements. Currently GPRS actual data transfer rate of around 30Kbps, the system can meet the data transfer rate (≥ 10Kbps) requirements.
    3 , a wide range of monitoring :
    GPRS network has achieved nationwide coverage and unlimited expansion , unrestricted access to sites , to meet the monitoring needs of city lights .
    4 , lower system construction costs:
    As a result of the public GPRS network platform , without building a network , you can simply install the device on the lower construction costs ; also eliminates network maintenance costs.
    5 , low system operating costs :
    Using GPRS network communication , according to a nationwide flat rate billing, eliminating the need for expensive roaming charges , GPRS data network according to actual traffic billing, ( 1 minute -3 points / 1K bytes ) , you can press monthly unlimited traffic charges , in order to achieve a low-cost communication system.
    6 , enabling centralized control :
    Data monitoring center through GPRS , enabling remote control for lights , for example: remote switch control, remote status inquiries.
    7 , good transmission capacity of the system , expansion properties:
    Streetlight monitoring center to monitor and every streetlight real-time connections. Due to the large number of street lights monitor , system requirements to meet the needs of bursty data transfers , while the GPRS technology can satisfy the needs of data transmission burst ; Because the system uses the mature TCP / IP communications infrastructure , with good extension performance, a monitoring center can easily support thousands of street lights monitor communications access .

    Third, the solution introduced

    Because GPRS communication is based on data packet communication network IP address , so the monitoring center computer needs a fixed IP address or domain name fixed , each data collection point using GPRS module to access the host by IP address or domain name , thereby performing data communication.

    ( A ) System Architecture

    1 , street light control points :
    Streetlights monitor control command pass through RS232 or RS485 interface connected to the GPRS DTU terminal , the monitoring center through GPRS DTU terminal to transmit streetlights monitor , remote control , street monitors collected information is sent to the GPRS wireless network through the GPRS DTU .

    2 , the control center station :
    a) public network access solutions
    Way to access the server using the public Internet, such as dial-up ADSL / broadband Internet access and other telecommunications Dedicated to apply a fixed public IP address ; small capacity can achieve data acquisition applications.
    b) special network access solutions
    Server using mobile communications company provides provincial DDN line, apply a fixed IP address configuration , connected to the GPRS network . Since the DDN line offers higher bandwidth, when monitoring the number increases, the center can not meet the demand expansion , enabling large- capacity data acquisition applications.
    After the RADIUS server monitoring center receives data from the first GPRS network carried AAA authentication , the host computer sent to the monitoring center by restoring the system software for data display and data processing, thus further enhancing the safety performance of data communication systems .

    3, GPRS / GSM mobile data transmission networks:
    Streetlight monitor data via GPRS / GSM network air interface function module also performs decoding processing on the data converted into the format of data transmitted on the public network through the Chinese mobile GPRS wireless data transmission network , the final IP address sent to the monitoring center .

    ( B) the system plan
    Each street light monitoring points using GPRS transparent data transmission terminals, connected via mobile GPRS network and the monitoring center . Each monitoring point using GPRS mobile communications company dedicated APN ordinary data card or data card , while monitoring center points GPRS terminal number to be registered and the information associated with the streetlight points in order to identify and maintain treatment . Street light control center run monitoring software, streetlights information monitoring .
    Authorized monitoring points can be used by the system :
    1, the control points must be used to move a unified APN card , users of this card can only be used with the streetlight monitoring center communications.
    2, the terminal device using GPRS mobile data communication terminal hills Chengdu Science and Technology Co., Ltd. provides.
    3 , user registration : compliance with the municipal administration department.

    (C ) Product Features
    ZSD3120 GPRS DTU wireless system uses transparent data transmission terminals. Products based on China Mobile 's GPRS network , high performance, high reliability and strong anti-interference ability and other characteristics, provide standard RS232/RS485 interface directly with the PC, the SCM system , RTU control terminal , PLC, GPS receiver , a data concentrator and other connections with remote diagnostics, testing , regulatory functions to meet the data acquisition and control between the various sectors dispatch or control center with numerous remote sites.
    A built-in TCP / IP protocol stack, optimized for GPRS networks
    2, to provide two-way GPRS wireless data transmission function
    3, to provide an interface RS232/RS485/RS422
    4 , in line with ETSI GSM Phase 2 + standard
    5 , support for automatic heartbeat, maintain a permanent online
    6 , transparent data transfer: 100K provides bidirectional data buffer capacity for the user's data equipment, support large data packet transmission
    7, automatic dial-up connection : the DTU Electrical automatically dial , connect to the network , the client initiates commands support remote wake-up connection or connections
    8, to provide SMS channel , built-in Unicode encoding conversion table of international
    9 , support for remote SMS / wake-up call
    10 , real-time monitoring of network connections , dropped calls Automatic redial function
    11, a support center for the fixed IP or dynamic domain name
    12 , heartbeat report the user can set the time interval
    13 , supports point- to-multipoint , multipoint -peer data transmission
    14 , data network services to support APN
    15 , flexible installation , easy to use, reliable
    16 , support for multiple data centers, automatic switching
    17 , adapted to low and high temperature environment
    18, EMC anti-jamming design, suitable for harsh environment applications of electromagnetic
    19 , composite technology, never crashes
    20 , the whole low-power technology, online standby current \u003c20mA

    (D ) safety measures
    The system requires a high system security and stability. Security is to prevent the system from within and outside of intentional and unintentional destruction , network security measures including channel encryption , source encryption, login protection, access protection, access protection, firewall and so on. Stability refers to the system to 7 × 24 -hour operation , even if there is a hardware and software failures , the system can not be interrupted run .
    Data centers can access through the public network , or network access to mobile professionals , the use of public network access cost is relatively low , companies do not leased lines, and the use of dedicated access data , GPRS data transmission equipment to go through a Radius server authentication the whole process has been encrypted data transfer protection , security is relatively high, can fully protect the network speed and quality of service .
    1, APN data network mode: APN configured internal network servers, mobile terminal using APN data network , the use of data network , server, and Internet public network isolation , can effectively prevent the illegal invasion.
    2, with the uniqueness of the SIM card , the SIM card phone number for the user to authenticate authorized on the network side of the SIM card and APN binding , designated users can access a range of systems , only the SIM card belonging to a specified mobile phone industry number to access the private APN, mobile terminals and data center using China mobile APN assigned a dedicated wireless network access , ordinary mobile phone SIM card number can not call a special APN.
    3 , can be individually configured DTU ID number and password for each GPRS data transmission equipment , data center through the application layer authentication when it landed , and other data center equipment assigned GPRS DTU ID number and password can not log into the system , to further enhance the security of the system .
    4 , data encryption : The entire data transfer process can be encrypted to protect .
    5, the network access security authentication mechanism : using firewall software, set up a network authentication and security features to protect the system security.

    Fourth, the benefits of using the system to bring :
    1 , to improve the lighting rate
    After commissioning the system can always find the problems in running street lights , ready to deal with and improve the lighting rate .
    2 , save energy and reduce electricity costs
    In the system put into use, can be in the middle of the night conditions reduce traffic and few pedestrians , the implementation of \" separated by a bright one\" or \" one every two bright \" lighting the way , not only to bring the main pedestrian travel at night they can save a lot of electricity costs . In the realization of a single control , due to the lights every lamp control is generally achieved by laying wire cables , and now also save at least 50% of the cost of cable and construction costs. This transformation of the existing system is very convenient , without laying additional cables.
    3 , extended lamp life
    Intelligent control terminals using street smart energy-saving operation after the regulator mode , each lamp voltage can be kept relatively stable , especially in the case of voltage rises after midnight . According to the test , the normal voltage (220V) , the sodium lamp voltage is 100V, the voltage increases (230V-240V), sodium lamp voltage can be increased to 120V-150V; normal voltage drop environment saving operation after pressure , sodium voltage is typically 85V voltage rises environment , sodium voltage can be maintained at about 100V. From the theoretical and practical use of the environment , the use of energy-saving voltage control can extend lamp life . Therefore , the voltage regulator having a dual effect of energy saving mode .
    4 , saving manpower, resources, improve management
    As the real-time monitor every street lamp , lighting engineering point of each section and working conditions , the computer can be aggregated timely fault , write to the database , so the next day for maintenance ; using dynamic real-time simulation display , monitor the city's street lights, attendant Glance at the central control room can streetlights site operation, thereby reducing maintenance costs and patrol lights work to reduce the intensity of inspection personnel , greatly improving efficiency. In addition, during inclement weather , according to the streetlight control of intelligent terminal data collection to analysis , to take appropriate emergency measures to prevent the occurrence of major accidents